Jurnal Pembangunan Aplikasi Mobile Pengenalan Hama Lalat Buah Berbasis Multimedia

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Jurnal Pembangunan Aplikasi Mobile Pengenalan Hama Lalat Buah Berbasis Multimedia

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Herdhani, Desi Chrisanty


Mobile Application Development Introduction of Multimedia-Based Fruit Fly Pest.

    S1 thesis, UAJY.



Text (Desi Chrisanty Herdhani)


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Indonesia is a tropical country,
which has two climates namely the dry season and the season
rain. Both seasons can have an effect on
the development of pests especially fruit flies. along with
rapid technological and information developments can
bring a great impact to the agricultural sector with
utilizing information technology as a means
supporters. The role of the current information support tool
still uneven for all circles and still
limited, thus making peasants distress deep
handle the problems faced while in the field.
As for information on the fruit fly pest greatly
limited use, so it is still needed
an expert to come down directly to the field
to provide teaching materials to farmers and
field officers as well as helping farmers to deal with
fruit fly pest problem
This fruit fly recognition application was built with
using a combined Java programming language
with multimedia such as voice, video, animation,
images and text. The making of this app involves
use of Android Studio, coreldraw and
Macromediaflash. With the development of technology
and almost everyone uses media technology
the introduction of fruit-based fruit fly pest
easier and practical to use.
With the introduction of this system, make it easier
field officers and farmers in identifying
a fruit fly fly and how to handle it. Without
must wait for field office report results to the office
center and send an expert to the field. And
farmers no longer have to wait for pest experts to
come and teach the way handling pests.

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