Jurnal Internasional Niche mesenchymal dalam MDS

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Jurnal Internasional Niche mesenchymal dalam MDS


Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) is characterized by bone marrow failure and a strong tendency for evolution of leukemia. Somatic mutations are a critical initial driver of this disorder, but the factors that allow the emergence, selection, and evolution of subsequent leukemia from these “ready-to-leukemic” clones are still not fully understood. The data points that appear in the mesenchymal niche as important contributors to disease initiation and evolution. Disrupted inflammatory signaling from niche cells can facilitate the occurrence of somatic mutations, their selection, and subsequent clonal expansion. This review summarizes the current concept of “facilitated” bone marrow failure and evolution of leukemia, the underlying molecular mechanisms, and the clinical implications for targeting innovative therapies for the future niche on MDS.

  • Accepted 6 November 2018.
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